We love our business and try to constantly innovate our products and production processes: attention, flexibility and speed are our distinctive elements!

Our company is a high-profile reality in the global scenario for the production of chenille yarns, patterned yarns and knitwear yarns. We have over thirty years of experience in this field, which allow us to guarantee high reliability to our clients.

We take inspiration from the hallmarks of Prato’s textile tradition, from which we have been able to draw energy, proficiency and passion for our work, convinced that the quality of our products is the only way forward on a daily basis.

Collaborating with solid and reliable partners on a global level, constantly updating our technology, and a high level of effort for the development of proprietary production processes, have allowed us to create intricate products with a high degree of customisation, even in the case of stressful time constraints.

Our main headquarters in Montemurlo, at the heart of Prato’s textile district, are our creative, productive and logistic centre. Here, through the employment of an entirely proprietary set of skills, we develop our latest collections, by selecting raw materials with a high degree of professionalism that will be then transformed into finished products to be delivered to our clients worldwide.

Our commercialisation and distribution process is internally managed by a dedicated sales team and a qualified and selected network of sales agents, allowing us to control a good portion of international markets and thus achieve significant amounts of yearly exports.

The considerable investments towards R&D and state-of-the-art structures allow us to have a high daily production capacity, granting our clients reliability and timeliness in deliveries. Ranging from classic yarn chenilles to patterned yarns for weaving furniture and clothing or even the yarn lines for knitwear, our collections always express an innovative character, which represents an excellence established on an international level.

“Quality never happens by chance. It is always the result of an intelligent effort.”

John Ruskin



We offer our clients a multi-year experience that allows us to be reliable and respectful in terms of delivery times.


Our structure allows us to be flexible and available, in order to meet the expectations of our international clients.


We are convinced that only through constant process and product innovation is it possible to meet high expectations and requests.


We have always studied and taken on international markets to spread our Italian products and know-how in the world.

Are you interested in our products? Let’s understand together how to meet your needs!


Montale (PT)


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