The areas of use for our yarns


Our Chenille and Fancy Yarns for Interiors are used for the production of fabrics ideal for contemporary furniture.

Through constant research and development, we continually manage to bring new yarns in line with the latest seasonal trends.


Furnishings in the contract sector require yarns that meet the highest standards of safety and performance, which is why we have designed a line of Chenille and Fantasia Yarns in flame retardant polyester and Trevira CS © for the hospitality and transportation sector.


As a result of our continuous research, we offer a wide range of Chenille Yarns and Fancy Yarns for outdoor furniture that can guarantee the highest fastnesses in weather and climatic resistance using a special Solution Dyed Acrylic fiber.

Apparel and Knitwear

Production starts from a careful study of trends and markets in order to make collections that meet the needs of our customers, which is why we have made several yarns available in Stock Service with a wide range of colors and titles always ready and in stock.

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