Chenille yarns, fancy yarns and elastic for face masks

Thanks to substantial efforts in research and development and our know-how, we have been able, over time, to interpret the most modern trends and expand the range of products offered to our customers.

Beginning with traditional chenille yarns, the focal element of our business, we have moved with considerable satisfaction into the production of fancy yarns for upholstery and apparel and into the production of elastics for FFP2 masks.

Chenille Yarns

Thanks to its beautiful appearance and softness, chenille has become the choice of many fabric designers internationally who choose it for furnishing fabrics, curtains, carpets and in more technical areas such as contract, and outdoor fabrics that require greater weather and wear resistance than indoor fabrics.

Giorgini Silvano Filati, through substantial investment in research and development and with proprietary know-how, is able to produce chenilles in very fine titrations and have one of the highest quality standards internationally.

Fancy Yarns

Our Fancy Furnishing Yarns are entirely produced in our internal spinning mill and are able to meet the needs of our customers thanks to the close cooperation of our technical staff with designers and R&D of the leading weaving mills in the industry, creating a true “Tailor Made” yarn made to measure.

Elastics for FFP2 masks

In the last period, we have done our part to counter the health emergency from Covid19 by introducing the production of elastic yarns for face masks, suitable for sewing by ultrasonic or processing by heat-sealing machines. Elastics are produced in different colors, including fluorescent, to suit every type of facemask.

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